meta-blogging: cshs issue 1 is live!

Oof, how did I go a whole week without posting? I will try to find some time for the backlog of things I want to post about (because indeed there are many), but it’s already been a super busy week and I don’t expect today to go differently. However, I feel that I can take a moment to say: CSHS is live with issue one! Please check it out over at to see the offerings we have this time around… twelve fine poets with some fine-looking poems.

And if you haven’t been over there yet, please take the time to peruse a bit and consider submitting. Tessa and I are excited about this new venture, and hope that we can get some support from the blogosphere to keep the journal going. We’re reading for our first themed issue, Alchemies, right now, and soon will open up submissions for our next unthemed issue. Your feedback is most welcome!

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