napowrimo 2014: big poetry giveaway!

Tossing this on here too, before I zonk out totally… I’m glad I had the wherewithal to visit Kelli Russell Agodon’s site over the weekend, since I wanted to do the Giveaway this year and was worried it wasn’t happening. But lo, indeed it is. Here is the requisite image to signify my intent to participate…

…and let me tell you a thing or two about what I plan to give away.

Book one is my own musty old chapbook from way back in 2011, Greeks Bearing Gifts (see sidebar link). As the years go by, I get more and more dissatisfied with it, but I have copies lying around, and it still holds a place in my heart. I hope you will still enjoy it! The poems are all adaptations/interpretations of Greek myths.

Book two is Live from the Homesick Jamboree by Adrian Blevins; you can read my review of it here. It’s powerful and raw stuff, and though I’m not eager to part with it, I feel a certain sense of completeness in offering it up for the Giveaway, as that’s how I received it. Not for the faint of heart, but worth the turn of every page.

Book three is Challenges for the Delusional edited by Christine Malvasi. For anyone familiar with the Winter Getaway, this is a series of poems written to the prompts crafted by Peter Murphy over his 25 years running the Getaway (including one by Donna Vorreyer, I believe!) I realized that I’d picked up a second copy at some point, so I’m offering this book of prompts and the poems they spawned as a third offering; they’re wonderful exercises that have informed my own, and they’re exactly as difficult and wild as you allow them to be. You can’t have the copy where I’m collecting the signatures of all the people in it on the frontispiece, though; hanging on to that one with my cold dead fingers.

So, for more information about the Giveaway, go here to Kelli’s page, and if you want to be entered into the drawing for one of these books at the end of the month, leave a comment! Please include your name and an email where I can reach you, too. If you only are interested in one or two of the three (for instance, if you’ve already bought a copy of my chapbook…) (sidebar link hint hint), please specify that too. I will mail this wherever in the world, but getting it overseas might be tricky. Winners will be picked on 1 May.

And with that, to bed for me, probably. Cheers!

28 thoughts on “napowrimo 2014: big poetry giveaway!

  1. margo roby says:

    Yes, please, and I do have your book :-)

  2. mareymercy says:

    Not familiar with the giveaway – will have to go check out Kelli’s page!

  3. b_young says:

    Have yours (yes!)
    Could you put me in the hat for “Challenges”?

  4. Catherine says:

    Please put me in the draw.
    cfitchett at netaccess dot co dot nz
    (Overseas mail isn’t all that tricky, it just takes a little time…)

  5. rloudon says:

    Signing up!
    Rebecca Loudon

  6. Allyson says:

    Happy Poetry Month! Please enter me in the drawing!

    literaryaustin [at] gmail

  7. Count me in, please!

    Name: Rodney

  8. Count me in, Joseph.

    Would love to score a copy of your chapbook, as well as the other two gems you are offering.

    Check out and enter my giveaway:

    My email address is chester(dot)hopewell(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    Happy National Poetry Month!

    Write on,

  9. drew myron says:

    What a great selection of books (I love Adrian Blevins!). Please add my name to the drawing.

    Thanks so much!

  10. What great books! I’d love to play! Thank you!

  11. Carol Steel says:

    I already have your Greeks Bearing Gifts, so hope to win one of the others.

  12. Sign me up! Feel free to enter my giveaway as well. -Lynn

  13. Pat M. Kuras says:

    Please enter my name in the big poetry give-away. Thank you!

  14. Dhyan says:

    Would be happy for yours or the 2nd one (but it is overseas).
    Hope to get my list up this weekend.

    Happy Holidays.

  15. stimmyabby says:

    Count me in. :-)
    I’m Abby. My email is

  16. Priyanci Srivastava says:

    Please, toss my name in, as well! :)
    my email: srivastava[dot]priyanci2611[at]gmail[dot]com


  17. andreablythe says:

    Andrea Blythe – andreablythe at hotmail dot com

    *crosses fingers*

  18. Please add my name to the drawing. Great list of books.

  19. thebripod27 says:

    I’d love a chance to win any of these, thanks for doing this! My name is Brian Wong and my e-mail is:

  20. feywriter says:

    Ooh, I love retellings of mythology. I’d be most excited to win that or the book with prompts. Anything to keep me writing poetry once April is over . ;)
    Mary W. Jensen

  21. Jennifer says:

    Throw my name in the hat please. Thank you!

  22. Would love to receive any of these books you are giving away, especially your chapbook. Thanks so much, Marianne Mersereau,

  23. Please enter me in your giveaway.

    Robin A. Sams

  24. These all sound great! Please put me in the drawing. =)

  25. Please count me in, and thanks for doing this!

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